Who is Piper Rain?

I am the darkness

I am light

A poet and a sacrifice

I dream the day and fight the night

My head stays in the clouds,

relentlessly I wander

My feet they barely touch the ground


Cards I ponder


Pied Piper,

Piper Rain,

Purify and sing again,

These sanguine tears are not in vain

I’ll be dramatic, I’ll be tragic

I’ll be the catalyst for magic,

I will be open, I’ll be free

Exactly what I want to be

Maiden, Mother, Crone is she

Insist my heart, so mote it be.


Salutations and merry meet my friends.  My utmost desire for this blog is the opportunity to open up and embrace who I truly am.  I am a witch.  I am a poet.  I like to read tarot cards as a hobby.  I am a writer.  I am a creator of characters and worlds.  My name is Piper Rain, I am thirty five years old, I have a lot of life behind me, and much more still ahead.

My focus for this blog is poetry and tarot.  I am not a professional tarot reader, but I like to read as a hobby.  The posts that I write are going to be real readings, though I am going to do my best to protect the querent’s privacy.  I have not yet gained the confidence to do what I call ‘blind’ readings, where I am completely unaware of the person’s life or question.  I am not psychic.  I am intuitive, or at least I like to think so, but I cannot tell you what the future holds.  That’s not to say that there aren’t people who are psychic and able to use the divination power of the Tarot to predict or envision the future, but I do not claim those type of powers.  Right now read for myself or others of whose situations I am generally aware, whether that means that I personally know them or I procure the information before hand.  These posts that I write are more about the translation of the cards.

I have two decks: the Thoth deck from Aleistar Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris and the Angel Deck from Radleigh Valentine and Howard David Johnson.  I like the Thoth deck because they are very straightforward.  They do not mince meanings when being used for a reading.  This deck has a tendency to put things in perspective in a way that makes you feel like the answer should have been obvious the whole time.  The Fairy Deck on the other hand is a very kind deck, they are great for picking yourself up or motivation.

There are two spreads that I like to use for my more in depth readings, and I have been playing with a couple of three card spreads for short readings.  For introspection, I like to use the Celtic Cross spread.  It works more for general readings where there isn’t a specific question or the question is more focused on who the person is and how they work than that of outside influence.  The Golden dawn spread is one that I would use to for decision making or determining the next steps in a plan.  For example if I were to ask the cards which job I should choose or which path should I take, I tend to use the Golden Dawn spread, but if I want to know how to handle a situation or why something is bothering me, then I use the Celtic Cross.  The Golden Dawn shows you a path or options, Celtic Cross shows your subconscious.

I want to point out that these are my own interpretations and are in no way expert advise, but hopefully just a different perspective for some people while serving as a beneficial act of catharsis for me.  I can tell my stories through stories.  I will never do a reading and post it without the querent’s full consent, and even a chance to read it first if there is a concern. I will never use personal identifiers like names locations or the personal details of the issues that the cards indicate.

I am excited and optimistic about being on this journey, even though it is justifiably terrifying.  I know that I am going to face harsh criticism, whether it comes from people who have been practicing Tarot longer or differently than I do, or people trying to call the whole practice ridiculous or hokey. I mentioned before that I am not psychic, and I am going to get readings wrong, or at the very least miss the mark.  Even in my own readings I have wandered off into left field from time to time, which for me means that even though I didn’t ask that question, that is what is weighing more heavily on my mind, but then I have to reset and try again to get an answer to the original question.  I have learned that there is literally nothing you can do to protect yourself completely so the best you can do for yourself is to push past the negative, use the constructive, and focus on the positive.


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