Out of the Frying Pan

Into the fire

Like a Tolkien-esque riddle

I find myself pondering


There’s no doubt

That I went from the frying pan to the fire

The question is whether the escape is back through the frying pan


Logic says no


Intuition says yes


I can’t always trust intuition when it comes to people I care about

I see the best

I see what could be

I overlook what is


What is presently is a double edged sword that skins and slices no matter which way I turn

I don’t want to go back to the frying pan without it having ample time to cool

But the fire is quickly burning me alive and there’s a safety line


Fuckin take it! My heart screams

But I sense the familiar rhythm

The echoed words

I’ve already shouldered my responsibility


This is not on me

This is not on me

This is not on me


That’s not the point

That can be dealt with in time

Are you ready to deal?

I am,

I’ve been ready





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