I call upon the Earth
To strengthen, ground, and stabilize
To give us might so we can rise
With power and prosperity
Our requisition, blessed be
Hail the Earth!

I call upon the Wind
To move, cleanse, and energize
To fill our wings so we can rise
With vigor and vitality
Our requisition, blessed be
Hail the wind!

I call upon the Fire
Ignite, burn, and cauterize
To shed our skins so we can rise
With passion and intensity
Our requisition, blessed be
Hail the fire!

I call upon the Water
To ebb and flow, revitalize
To purify so we can rise
With love and creativity
Our requisition, blessed be
Hail the Water!

I’m Back Witches!

~Piper Rain~

Hello all and merry meet. I’ve been on something of a hiatus for a while but I’m back. In case you couldn’t tell from the poetry, when Rhea and I decided to start this site I was in a dark place. Through some extensive shadow work and drastic changes in circumstance I have been able to emerge into the light. I am now turning my eyes toward the sun as I have become stronger, motivated, and determined to make my life my own.

I have changed my location, and I have met some amazing new witches that I am really connecting with on a truly intense level. Coming here I believe was the best decision that I could have made. Now I will be able to work on my true power and calling, which is motivated by the earth and her spirits. Writing words that flow like the water, burn like the fire, play like the air, and heal like the earth. Stake my place in the world, where I can build my corner, and with help from the earth mother it will grow, spread, and add some light to the world.

I am Piper Rain, purified to sing again,

and sing I will.

“It is worse to stay where one does not belong at all than to wander about lost for a while and looking for the psychic and soulful kinship one requires” 
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

Merry Yule


May the shortest day and longest night bring you time to reflect on the return of the time!

Yule Blessing

Blessed be and merry meet

Now it is the time for sleep

This year’s harvest stored away

Rested, warm, and fed we stay

Prepare and plan for new endeavors

Prep and preen fur, scales, and feathers

Start anew from blessed sleep

My will be done, so mote it be


~Piper Rain

I can feel your contempt for me,
It’s all my fault I’m sure
I armor myself, soon I’m free,
The damage is endured

Mind Solid, Spirit Strong
Removing myself from the throng
Breaking the chains, the traps, the box
Though they’re all still there and locked

I see them now,
Avoid them
I’m breathing now,
Despite them
I’m still choking but the pressure’s going away

I refuse to fight,
I hate conflict
But it’s “unavoidable” and “right”
Especially when you self-inflict

Take your “justice,” it’s all yours
Don’t expect me to participate
Don’t think me weak, you’ve seen my scars
But I refuse to instigate

No satisfying sweet revenge
Judicial or profound amends
I already know the end
I only have to get there

You will figure it out, you’ll see,
Or you won’t, but it no longer changes me.


~Piper Rain

I cringed while you were speaking
Caught a glimpse of your “reality”
I felt a searing pain as it set fire to a blade that’s been lodged for so long I had forgotten it was there
“Real” people don’t do that
“Real” people live happily within their status quo
And it’s simply not possible step outside of that….

I hear a howl in the distance, no
Not in the distance, I feel it
Echoing from deep within my bones
Ready to be released

She is poised, stoic,
Eyes to the moon
You will not cage her.
She howls again and is now answered
The chorus of her kin, her pack
They knew who she was all along
They’ve been waiting
Turns out, she’s not a person after all



Sitting alone in my blind

The sun sets behind me.

I try to focus on the task at hand

My mind has other plans.

I think about my day.

The past, the present, and the future.

My struggles and how they weren’t in vain.

I’m growing.

Changing with the seasons.

Each painful memory an essential part of who I am.

Will I ever let go?

Can I ever move on?

Do I forget just enough to ease the pain?

Or do I remember enough to never let it happen again?

Reflections or hauntings

I can’t quite decide.

The past, the present, and the future

Does it matter?

There’s no place to hide.



Sitting in the wild

Weapon in hand.

Waiting silent and patient.

I hear the the birds chirping.

The wind blows all around

I see the grass swaying.

It doesn’t make a sound.

Then suddenly I see her.

Beauty grace and soul.

A doe has stepped before me

Unaware her time has come.

A sense of grief washes over me

Taking a life is never easy.

I thank her for her sacrifice

Deep breath


Pull the trigger.

Watch her fall.




Thank you Mother for this gift.

Thank you Dear friend for your life.

I am a Huntress.

I can provide.

I will survive.